Dispatches from a Networking Maven

Networking can help you to build your business, however, it is important to keep the following in mind:

· You’ll join good groups and some that are not so good, but you can always take away a new relationship, a nugget of information, or a friend for life.

· Never ever start with what you’ll get but what you can give but never ever forget that you should strive to get as well.

· Always know that givers don’t always get. Don’t let that sour you on the idea of networking.

· Networking takes TAT - time, attention, and tenacity. If you can’t deploy all three you should hold off.

· Have fun because networking can be a total blast. In my networking community, ( we have meetings and calls but we also have beach parties, theater outings, masterminds in the Hudson Valley, visits to museums and rock concerts (yay, Bruce Springsteen), spa nights and more. Find the one that is the right fit for you.

· MOST IMPORTANT, there’s no competition in networking; it’s about cooperation and collaboration. Start from a position of abundance and you’ll do well.

(Here's a pic from one of our "regular" networking meetings!)

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