• Adrian Miller

Clothing Optional!

If you're like me, you currently do your fair share of Zoom calls. (Hah! An understatement, right?) Some are great, others not so much but for right now I'm casting that aside and focusing on, how do you "show up" on your Zooms? I know, you can log in, wear jammies and flip flops and pretty much, no one will know. Agree? Well, that might very well be true, but, I have to say that for many people wearing jammies, flip flops, sweats and athletic wear can undermine the way they project confidence and gravitas, even when we don't see the clothes. I've seen this happen. The combination of leisurewear coupled with slouching while participating on the call can combine to diminish your presentation of self. So ask yourself: How do I look? Does my appearance support or destroy my personal brand? Does my posture reflect my interest and professionalism? Do I sound alert and engaged? Am I multi-tasking and run the risk of having all of my fellow Zoom attendees see me as I do other things rather than pay attention to the call? Zoom isn't going away any time soon. If necessary, up your Zoom game and get better outcomes from your time spent on the screen. 

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