Business Rules Learned Through Travel

Travel. I love it, crave it, and indulge in it as much as I can.

30+ years ago, I took my kids along to share the adventures.

I’m not sure they remember much from their first airplane ride at 6 weeks, or bouncing around on a remote road in Ireland, with a flat tire, and no humans in sight (a few goats for sure but no one with a tire jack), or eating the most scrumptious Cocido Madrileno in Madrid, but they did all of these things and more while still in diapers.

Just do it. Don’t let the adventures pass you by.

If this year taught us nothing else, it was this…you never know when your life will turn on a dime. Putting it off may mean never getting to do it at all.

You can make almost anything work if you:

Use ingenuity

Stay flexible

Know your skills

Understand your limits

Remain positive

When you travel, the unpredictable can turn out to be rewarding and fun. The same is true with business. You may lose that client, but what lurks around the bend is a better client, and now you have the time to prospect and bring them in. The marketing campaign you just did may be a bust, but you’ve learned what NOT to do next time.

It’s about perspective, ya know.

By the way, we crept along on that rutted mountain road in Ireland and finally came upon a shepherd’s cottage. He spoke Irish Gaelic, we didn’t understand each other’s words, but my issue was apparent, so with lots of smiles, a little sign language, and the sound of the kids’ laughter filling the air, that little adventure had a happy ending.

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