Business Best Practices From the Babe

In recognition of my birthday week, I played hooky yesterday and spent my day with a tiny human.

I continue to learn from her and yesterday was no different. My business take-aways from my day with the babe:

* As much as you want to, you can’t do everything by yourself. The sooner you get over the independence thing, the better.

* A winning smile will work much better than whining.

* Try something new each day. Yesterday was the pool for her; for me, it’s a new platform for a refreshed website.

* Make friends. Damn, if we haven’t learned that one by now. 5 mos into the pandemic and counting, and we should all be quite aware of the importance of our social network.

* Play nice with others and don’t take their toys. For everyone that has had a most unfortunate occurrence where you’ve been undermined by a colleague, you know exactly what I mean.

Today’s going to be a beast of a day for me with Zooms going throughout the day and evening. It’s payback for a day off but payback I’ll gladly accept.

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