Be Taken Seriously

When you want to be taken seriously, print’s the way to go. When you invest the money and skill necessary to commit your message to paper, it demonstrates just how strongly you believe in it.

Print is About Feel

As smartphones and streaming services continue to keep people in the digital world for longer periods of time, the craving to settle down with a well-designed book, magazine or catalog away from the constant distractions of the online world also grows.

Print Legitimizes Your Digital Message

Clients who have grown up with the web are particularly awed by print. While they invest heavily in digital products, many companies carve out a place in their budgets for high-impact print as well. In their minds marketing isn’t “print or digital”, but finding the synergy between the two. “Print is about communicating stature, while the web is about communicating information.”

The Mailbox Dominates Digital

Overall use of direct mail has decreased in recent years, its share of mail overall had actually increased. As a result, postcards, catalogs and other marketing materials capture more attention in the consumer’s mailbox today. Hardly surprising that direct mail enjoyed an average response rate of 9%. Compare that to email, social and paid search, which yielded about 1%.

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