Attracted by the Next Bright and Shiny Thing? Beware!

Website, brochure, social media, newsletter, promotional products, email marketing…oh my. So many tactics to deploy, so many visuals to create and verbiage to write and they ALL must be integrated and not compete with each other.

For anyone that is not in creative services, it is very easy to get seduced by the latest and greatest especially when it proudly proclaims that by doing this, that or the other, great success awaits you.

The old cliché, “if it sounds too good to be true” has never been so true.

When you are a solopreneur or a small to mid-sized business you must spend your sales and marketing dollars wisely and when your marketing initiatives aren’t integrated, when the very messaging is confusing, you might find that you have wasted money.

No one’s to blame. Everyone is trying to do a good job but when you work with multiple resources, they are often not speaking with each other. Instead, they are giving you their finished product based upon your specifications and their creative vision on how to best achieve the goal.

It’s not that a specific thing is bad; it’s just they don’t provide you with a cohesive message.

Large companies often work with marketing agencies that have most of the departments under one roof. You, the client, are assigned an Account Executive to run interference between all of the key players and to ensure that the brand messaging is consistent throughout.

It’s difficult to do this when you might be working with two, three or even four resources all of whom have a bright, shiny solution and vision for you to approve.

I know that I said “beware” and I mean it. It can be difficult to decide what’s best and so you might use all; hence, the confusion that can ensue.

Consider identifying a single source for your sales and marketing needs or having a dedicated in-house point person that is willing to invest significant time keeping disparate resources on point. By doing this you are in a better position to get the correct messaging across all platforms.

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