Are You a "Natural" Salesperson?

Often, you’ll come across someone very successful at something, & you’ll be told that she or he is a natural born [whatever].

Now, that’s a nice thing to say.

But it’s also total nonsense.

The myth of the natural born [whatever] lingers on thanks to 2 kinds of people: those who are extremely good at what they do and yet don’t want others to be as good; and those who are addicted to self-talk that prevents them from achieving success. After all, why bother trying when you aren’t a natural born [whatever]?


The blatant truth is that characteristics – both those expressed outwardly, & those felt internally – drive individual success. Yes, some people possess success-friendly characteristics because of their childhood experiences or lucky breaks. Good for them.

But to extend this belief & accept that only people with these helpful childhood advantages or lucky breaks is absurd at best.

There are successful people in every field who weren’t born with a silver spoon, & whose life daunting experiences should have easily crushed long, long ago. These successful-despite-the-obstacles people aren’t the exceptions to the rule. There are too many of them. The truth is simpler. They just don’t believe in natural born [whatevers].

Neither should you.

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