Add a Catchy Title. Okay, How About Anti-Aging Skincare?

As a woman of a "certain" age, I seem to have more and more advertisements for anti-aging this and anti-aging that in my social media news feeds than I ever did before.

I must admit; some of them are darn seductive. I mean, who doesn't want to look young, and mind you, I feel very, very, very young:). How I look, well, that's another story.

But it's clearly deceiving when the model in the ads is young and someone that most assuredly doesn't require anti-aging anything.

We fall for it anyway. If I just buy this lotion or potion and apply it daily, I can turn back the hands of time and look like her! Sure thing, right? Um, not so fast.

The picture draws me in, as I am certain it draws in many people looking for, if not eternal youth, then some elixir that will wipe away the skin imperfections that come with time.

These ads, complete with their click-bait images, are much the same as those that promise incalculable financial growth if only you .................

I would assume that most experienced business people are aware that it takes time, effort, skills, and grit to grow a business and again, not some magic process (much like the age-defying potions that are out there) that will bring in tens of thousands of dollars over night.

Down with hucksterism, up with benefits, values and improvements that are fully aligned with wants and needs.

After all, you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see and what you stand for, lines and wrinkles notwithstanding:)

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