A Down & Dirty Sales Action Plan When Things Are Going Wrong

Yesterday I got a poignant call from a business contact I've known for years. They are experiencing a deep and profound sense of sadness over their lack of ability to bring in new clients and suffering pangs of insecurity.

They asked for a few minutes of my time. 90-minutes later they had an action plan. There's not enough space to provide a full picture of what I told them but here's the gist of it:

* Stay strong and don't lose confidence. Create an informal board of advisors or get an accountability partner to keep your motivation high.

* Step back and take a long look at your brand, your market, your services and make sure they are in sync. If they're not, get to work and re-engineer.

* Create content, gain visibility and develop a reputation as a SME. It takes time but it can be done.

* Refresh your sales skills. Just cuz you were once able to close business doesn't mean your skills remain as sharp as they need to be.

* Don't rely on social media and email. Pick up the phone and get up close & personal with your prospects, clients, and referral sources.

* Delegate what can be delegated so you have time for all of your mission-critical work.

I'm excited to see what happens as she adopts these steps & I think they're gonna work! Yes, BOOM.

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