• Scott Hornstein

7 Critical Success Factors for Crafting Case Studies that Convince

(spoiler alert: #7 is the most important, by far)

There is enormous prospecting power in B2B case studies and you need this asset in your go-to-market process. Done effectively, they are the peer-to-peer proof that you not only deliver on your promises, you exceed expectations. And that’s a story every prospect wants to hear.

They are powerful because case studies represent the views of a customer. Someone who is using your product to achieve a stated purpose or goal, is willing to tell you the story, and does not materially gain from this exercise.

Case studies can serve as the most valuable, relatable content a company can promote, so it's important to put quantifiable results up front and use customer-centric language.


Case studies are content on steroids. Here are some pointers to make them illuminate your skills like the sun, with #7 being the most important, by far:

  1. Include the case study in your work agreement with customers, don’t wait until later on. Let them know you plan on writing the study with their participation, and that they will approve the final version (we don’t want to inadvertently give out trade secrets)

  2. Tell the full story - include what went wrong including what went right. Nothing goes completely smoothly. Give real numbers and real results. What did you set out to do and what did you get? It’s got to be real.

  3. Lay this out professionally. You need it to be attractive, illustrative and readable. You need a sophisticated graphics eye.

  4. Work from a template, and share that template with the customer. It makes it easier and quicker to put the story in its final form.

  5. Use customer quotes. Make your champion a hero. Personalize the gains and the experience. Ask your champion if interested prospects could contact them with questions.

  6. Watch your keywords. When you post this, you want it high in the rankings.

  7. Don’t let your reticence, business or lack of skill rob you of this convincer content. Use a professional resource. New business is the prize at the end of the rainbow.

Let your customers tell your story, and repurpose the story like crazy. It’s a sales tool, a landing page, a blog post, proof points in white papers, promotions, webinars and more. It’s the social proof you need to ace the test and get new clients.

Let’s get this going. We’ve got the experience and the skills. Call us today.

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