50? 100? 200?

How many emails a day do you receive, and how many do you open? The average email open rate is 21% according to a survey conducted by Hubspot.

Additionally, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2018 Response Rate Report, states that direct mail has an open rate somewhere between 80-90%. The smartest marketing combines print and digital for maximum exposure.

Direct mail is a great way to contact people in their homes with targeted and specific offers. Response rates are rising, people like to get mail that is relevant to them.

Direct mail continues to be a vital communication and marketing source. Print offers a validity that you do not get from targeted advertising, email, and other forms of digital marketing alone. Touching, feeling, and holding Direct mail uses more senses than other marketing channels, and can work alone or in harmony with other marketing sources. It continues to be used to increase brand recognition, drive traffic, and build loyalty for many more years.

Direct Mail, A Smart Choice!

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