• Adrian Miller

3 Ways to Make Certain Your Clients Will Love You Tomorrow

Listen up. You don’t want to be a one-project stand. You have to take action to make sure that your clients will love you tomorrow.

Really. You can’t take this for granted so put these steps to work now:

Go over and beyond what they expect

Meeting client expectations is really a big so-what. Maybe that works if you have no competition (and who is lucky enough for that to be the case), but for the rest of us exceeding client expectations is the best way to ensure that you will retain your client’s business for the long haul.

Don’t nickel and dime them to death

I don’t know about you, but I loathe getting invoices that have add-ons tacked on almost as an afterthought. It’s better to take the high road and absorb some of those fees, or add them into the base price or hourly rate, rather than risk leaving a very nasty impression.

Be proactive

We keep hearing clients are no longer loyal and they’ll change “vendors” to save tiny amounts of money. The solution? Don’t be a vendor! Vendors can be easily replaced but business resources are not a commodity. Be proactive and 1-step ahead of the situation or the challenge, and thereby ready to present your client with a solution or options. Yep, business resources are not so disposable.

Simple ways for you to ensure that your clients will love you tomorrow:)

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