3 hints to creating preference through communication

A primary goal of your prospecting strategy, whether you are a solo-preneur or a multi-national corporation, is to create preference. Whether you’re talking to individuals or executives, you want a halo to appear over your name, a smile to appear on the lips of your prospects whenever your name is mentioned.

That preference must be based on value and not your good looks. Value, and good looks by the way, are in the eye of the beholder.

Face-to-face and Zoom-to-Zoom can’t be replaced, but before they begin and after they end you want to refresh your prospect about the value you can bring. That’s where communications comes in.

1. Dress for the occasion

Funny story. Someone I know was having a Zoom job interview. He told me he thought about what to wear so he appeared focused and confident. I asked what the interviewer wore. “His best gardening sweatshirt.”

The point is – if you are selling, focused and confident are really important. It’s not just what you say, it’s HOW you say it. Think quality, professionalism, an abundance of thought and consideration. You will need a marketing and sales plan. Not a heavy document but a thorough and agile plan for how you are going to generate demand and close sales.

2. Put your best foot forward

For your business to run effectively, you need some assets. Here are the general categories:

· Web presence. You don’t exist without a website. It’s that simple. The design of the website, and what you say on the website are the clothes you wear. Will it be your best gardening sweatshirt?

· Communications – such as emails and powerpoints

· Collateral – blogs, case studies, articles, speeches, video

Again, choose your words, and your design, carefully. Clarity, quality, and talent matter a lot.

3. Stand out in the crowd

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of “you” out there – people who say they do exactly what you do. How is your prospect to tell the difference? You have to tell them the difference and build trust through the delivery of value. This puts the halo of preference over your head and right beside your name.

Planning, perseverance and professionalism are the commitments that will make this work for you.

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